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Knitting Tip- Knitting to a pattern

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Before you start knitting anything according to a pattern, check whether everything really is how you want it. There's nothing more frustrating than knitting for the wardrobe – so to speak. All that work and trouble for nothing, but with a little more effort most mistakes can be avoided.

These start with choosing the colour. Does the suggested colour actually suit me? What can I combine it with? Have a look in your wool shop and see what alternatives there are?
Then the cut and the measurements. Compare the measurements given with those of your favourite pullover. Maybe your new one should be longer, shorter, closer-fitting or wider, or with longer sleeves, or a different neckline? All this can be changed if you know how (see Knitting Tip CONVERTING PATTERNS).

What's most important is checking the tension, this is the basis of everything. Knit a sample in the patterns described and treat it like the finished garment (stretching, dampening, measuring). If need be, knit with a different sized needle than suggested (see Knitting Tip TENSION SAMPLE).
The models are normally described in various sizes. To avoid making mistakes, mark all the instructions in the text and diagrams you need for your size.
Read the pattern carefully before you start and check whether you've understood everything, and whether you think you can really manage this model. If you've any doubts ask someone in your specialist shop – they'll be able to help you. Or take a look at our Knitting Tips – there are lots of helpful explanations here.

So lt's go
Once you've arranged all this, start with the back. As a rule this is the easiest piece, without any complicated increasing and decreasing or complex details. It's the ideal opportunity to get to know the pattern and the yarn.
And if you notice it might be better to knit a couple of rows more or less you can still work these in. So, while working, always check that everything is as it should be.

Another tip
Even experienced knitters have their preferences and weaknesses. There are so many lovely patterns so you don't have to be able to do everything at once. The journey is the reward. So have fun knitting and wearing your new pullover!