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Knitting Tip - Embroidery in kitchener stitch

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Ornamental motives
Kids’ pullovers and folklore knitwear simply cry out for colourful decoration. And here there are various techniques you can use. You can either knit these into the work as you go along or embroider them afterwards on the completed pieces. Larger areas can be easily knitted in with a separate ball of yarn, but it’s easier and neater to embroider the smaller, more intricate details later. That’s where the kitchener stitch comes in – it fits wonderfully into the knitted structure so that the garment has a perfect finish.

This is how it goes

Working from the wrong side to the right, put the needle into the stitch below the one to be embroidered and pull the thread through.

Then pick up both sides of the stitch above the one to be embroidered on the embroidery needle and pull the thread through.

Then put the needle into the same stitch (as in Step 1) from the right side to the wrong side.

Another tip
Don’t use wick, nap or slub yarns for embroidering, they tear easily and are difficult to sew with. A smooth yarn in the same thickness is best and fluffy or fleece yarns make the motif more three-dimensional.