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Knitting Tip- Pompons

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The crowning glory
Can you imagine a bobble hat without a bobble or a pompon? Of course not! Home-made pompons can be used to decorate other things too, for instance scarves or belts, or on the borders of kids' pullovers or for making soft toys. You can also jazz up shop accessories with them..

And this is how it goes:
Cut two identical discs out of cardboard. Then cut out a ring in the centre of both. The inner diameter should be about a third to a half of the outer diameter. The larger the inner diameter, the thicker the pompon will be. The size of the finished pompon is twice the size of the width of the ring.

Using a thick darning needle and various strands of wool bind the two discs together until the hole in the middle is completely full, finish off.

Cut the threads between the two discs and, using a similar colour, tie these tightly together between the two discs.

Remove the card discs and trim your pompon to a nice ball.

Another tip:
Multicoloured pompons as in the photo can be had by using different coloured yarns together. If you divide the card discs into various (three of four) colour segments while you're sewing, you'll get a chequered look.