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Knitting Tip- Crab Stitch (Reverse Single Crochet)

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Crocheted Finishing Edges
If you don't want to finish off your knitting with a knitted facing then a round of crochet in crab stitch is the perfect solution. This is especially suitable for light summer pullovers or tops because it gives a lovely light finish.
Crab stitch is simply working a single crochet stitch from left to light, instead of right to left. The edge is stable and clean-cut but also decorative. The cascade-type of decreasing at the neckline or armholes are rounded off perfectly with crab stitches. And if you want to insert a zip a row of crab stitches along the edges is the best groundwork for this.

How it goes
Start with a stitch at the beginning of the row or round to be crocheted.

1. Insert the hook into the next stitch to the right from the front to back - angle your hook down and pull through - you now have two loops on the hook. 2. Put yarn round hook and pull it through both loops.

Repeat this always working to the right. The round is finished with a chain stitch to the first stitch. Make sure the edge is not too tight and not too loose. The rule of thumb is

When crocheting straight edges (e.g. a V-neck at the back) there are three knitted stitches between two crab stitches. Insert the hook alternately on one stitch and between two stitches. Beim Umhäkeln von seitlichen Kanten (z.B. Armausschnitt) liegen zwischen zwei Krebsmaschen 2 Reihen.

Another Tip
Depending on the yarn, sometimes a single round of crab stitches looks a bit scant. There are two possibilities here: do a round of single crochet first and then crab stitch, or do two rounds of crab stitch going into the same stitch in both rounds.

Don't be afraid to experiment. A crocheted finishing edge in a contrast colour or a contrast yarn is often a real eye-catcher.