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Knitting Tip - Italian or round cast on

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A rounded off start
As with Italian cast off, you have an edge of round stitches. This technique is therefore also called round cast on. The edge is elastic and looks perfect.
It is, however, not so easy, but if you follow the instructions the result is impressive.

As a basis you need a cast on row (e.g. in long tail cast on) in a contrasting colour. Use a smooth yarn of approximately the same thickness as the original yarn. This way the contrast threads can be removed easily.
The number of stitches of the basis row is half of the stitches required plus one stitch. For instance, if you require 80 stitches (incl. edge stitches) cast on 40 stitches plus 1, that makes 41 stitches.
The size of needles should be the same as for the basic pattern. For instance if the basic pattern is worked with No. 5 needles, then use No. 5 for the basis row, too. The first 5 rows are then worked with No. 3.5 needles and the actual rib pattern with No. 4 needles. Depending on the thickness of the yarn, the first 5 rows are worked with a half or whole needle number so that the cast on edge is both firm and elastic.

And this is how it goes

1. Using the original yarn and the smallest needle, work the edge stitch and then knit 1, wool round needle. 2. In the next row knit the wool round needle "stitches"… 3. … and pick up the purl stitches as if to purl but with the yarn in front of the work.

In the following three rows the knit stitches are knitted and the purl stitches as in step 3. After these five rows work the rib pattern with the middle size of needles.

After a few rows carefully cut through the contrast colour basis row every 2 - 3 stitches and remove the yarn.