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Knitting Tip- Fringes

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Effective decoration
Fringes are a simple, but effective extra for any ethnic-look knitted garment. They accentuate sleeve or bottom edges of pullovers or cardigans, underline little details such as pockets or yokes and simply decorate the knitted surface. And of course not to forget their number one place of action – or have you ever seen a scarf without fringes?

This is how it goes

To ensure all the threads are the same length wrap the yarn round a small chopping board or a piece of cardboard cut to the right size. Cut the threads at one or both sides remembering that you need a length twice as long as the finished fringe plus an allowance of about 1 cm for the knot.

Depending on the thickness of the yarn and the volume of the fringes you want, lay 2 - 4 doubled fringes together. Using a knotting or crochet hook come through the knitted work from the wrong side to the right side, lay the thread round the hook and pull through.

Pull the ends of the threads from front to back through the loop and pull tight. When all fringes are knotted trim the fringes to one length.

Fancy fringes
If simple fringes are not enough for you, you can always plait or knot these for more effect.

Knot half of the threads from two fringes next to each other. Then to ensure that all knots are on one level, carefully push a double-ended needle between the front and back part of the knot before pulling the knots tight.
This can be repeated as often as you like until you have the effect you want.

Another tip
Make sure the fringes are long enough before you start knotting or plaiting. Try out just how long the threads will have to be before you actually cut.