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Knitting Tip - Accentuated Decreasing

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Fashionable Details
The necessity of decreasing can be turn into a fashionable highlight if you go about it in the right way. Necklines, armholes and waistlines can suddenly become an eyecatcher. Sometimes these details alone are enough to turn your garment into something quite special.

Various possibilities
Basically you can let your imagination go. Here are a few examples in the basic structures: rib, cable or hole patterns, which you can vary as you require.
Please also refer to the tips on KNIT TWO TOGETHER AND SLIP STITCH OVER:

Right edge: Edge stitch, P1, K2, P1, K5 together. Left edge: Slip 1, K4 together, slip stitch over, P1, K2 M, P1, Edge stitch.

In our example 4 stitches were decreased in every 8th row.

When knitting more than 3 stitches together, it's easier if you use a crochet hook to help pull the yarn through.


Right edge: Edge stitch, K2, slip 4 stitches on to a cable needle behind your work, K1, cable needle: K2 together twice. Left edge: Slip 1 stitch on to a cable needle in front of your work, K2 together twice, cable needle: K1; K2, Edge stitch.

In our example 2 stitches were decreased in every 4th row.

Right edge: Edge stitch, K2, P1, K3 together, yarn round needle (purl in the return row.) Left edge: Yarn round needle, slip 1, K2 together, pass slip stitch over, P1, K2, Edge stitch.

In our example 1 stitch was decreased in every 2nd row.

Decorative Seams
If you sew the slanted edges like this the seams are very decorative:

Ribs Cables Holes

Another tip
The principle of accentuated decreasing is not restricted to the edges, you can also apply it throughout the rows. However, don't forget that, if necessary, increase the stitch decreased at another point.