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Even colour progression
All yarns that are not continuously self-coloured, change their colour, structure or other characteristics in regular intervals. This is the case in all yarns with the additional "Print" in the name (e.g. Cool Wool 2000 Print) and effect yarns which are coloured tone in tone but which vary between thick and thin or matt and glossy (e.g. Doppio).
Depending on the number of stitches, sometimes the change in colour or structure always happens at the same place. Or slight shifts cause unwanted patterns. The various colours are then distributed across your work in stripes or patches. After increasing or decreasing the colour progression can again be quite different. This effect can be very pretty and can be seen as an additional design element, but it is unpredictable and is more a chance effect. So if you prefer to have an even colour progression in your work, there is an easy trick.

This is how it goes
Work with two balls of yarn and alternately knit two rows with one ball and then two with the other. This way each ball follows its own principle which is broken through every two rows. If you look at the result over the entire work you will see even colours. However, you must make sure that both balls do not begin exactly the same. If need be, you will have to begin one ball half a repeat colour pattern further on.

Yarns with "Stripes" in their name - these are deliberately designed like this so that stripes simply appear while knitting. The sock yarns "Meilenweit (Cotton) Fantasy", "Jacquard", "Ministripes" and "Multi-Effekt" have special prints which produce intriguing and imaginative effects and patterns.
So don't change the natural course of these yarns, simply knit with one ball and let yourself be surprised by the effects that come.