Filati Magazine 38, Model 66
Size 38/40 - US sizes 12/14


alt = alternately, ch = chain, col = colour, cont = continue, dc = double crochet, dec = decrease, dtr = double treble, foll = following, gst = garter stitch, htr = half treble, inc = increase, K = knit, mt = meterage, P = purl, patt = pattern, patt g (MS) = pattern group, psso = pass slipped st(s) over, rem = remaining, rep = repeat, rev stst = reversed stocking stitch, P 1 row, K 1 row, Rs = right side, slst = slip stitch, st(s) = stitch(es), stst = stocking stitch, K 1 row, P 1 row, tbl = through back of loop, tog = together, tr = treble, Ws = wrong side, Wwm = when work measures, yo = yarn over needle

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Materials: Lana Grossa "Mille II" (50% new wool merino extra fine, 50% polyacrylic, running length = approx 60 yrd/50 g): approx 1000 g graybrown (col 42); knitting needles size 10,5 and 11 (US), 1 circular knitting needle each size 10,5 and 11, 80 cm long; 2 buttons by Union Knopf, art. 48672, 51 mm Ø, col 22 darb brown.
Knotted edge:

Sl 1. st in every row kwise. Work last st in every row K. Attention: Work all pieces with knotted edge!

Half fisherman’s rib: 1. row = WS row: Selv st, V sl1 with yo 1 pwise, K1, always rep from V, sl1 with yo 1 pwise, selv st. 2. row = RS row: Selv st, V ktog st and yo of prev row, P1, always rep from V, ktog st and yo of prev row, selv st. Always rep 1. and 2. row.
Garter stitch:

Work RS and WS rows K.

Cable pattern: Work acc knitting chart. Nos on the right indicate RS rows. No on left outside indicated WS row. In WS rows not indicated work sts as they appear. For exact horizontal sequence of patt see foll instruction. Patt reps in different cable bands are highlighted in gray. Always rep vertically. Vertically work 1. – 96. row 1x.
Gauges: 14 sts and 17 rows cable patt with needles size 11 = 10 x 10 cm (4" x 4"); 6 sts and 21,5 rows garter st with needles size 10,5 = 5 x 10 cm (2" x 4").
Insturctions: Work jacket crosswise in 1 piece. Arrow in chart shows direction of knitting. 80 sts with needles size 11. Work cable patt acc knitting chart from arrow a to arrow b. It shows entire sleeve. Inc 3x 1 st each on both sides for slants as indicated in knitting chart = 86 sts after 19. row. After 15 cm = 26 rows from beg cast on 61 add sts on right edge for length of back piece, on left edge cast on add 61 sts for length of front piece = 208 sts. Now with circular knitting needle size 11 cont with circular knitting needle size 11, thereby work foll sequence of sts: Selv st, P2, 10 sts rib cable from arrow f to e, 36 sts cable patt from arrow d to c, thereby work each patt from highlighted patt rep, now work 110 sts at center in whole width as indicated, 36 sts cable patt from arrow g to f, 10 sts rib cable from arrow h to d, thereby work each patt from highlighted patt rep, P2, selv st. After 32,5 cm = 56 rows from beg divide work at center for neckline and finish both sides separately. First leave 104 sts rem on left edge for left front. Cont with 104 sts on right edge for back piece and work straight on. After 71. row acc chart center of back is reached. After 18 cm from beg of neckline = after 86. row acc knitting chart leave sts rem for now.
Now cont left front across 104 sts left rem first, thereby cast of 4 sts on edge of division– as indicated in knitting chart – for neckline, then in every 2. row co another 2x 2 sts each and 2x 1 st each. Co rem 94 sts for vertical edge of front piece after 66. row acc knitting chart. Then cast on 94 sts with needles size 11 for right front piece and work cable patt in reverse sequence of patt to left front piece, thereby start with 1 WS row and K2 after selv st, end of this row shows knitting chart in 76. row. This WS row is only relevant for right front. Inc for neckline are indicated, for more than one sts cast on new sts. After last inc for neckline work across all sts coherently again with needles size 11 and circular knitting needle. Finish jacket in reverse to beg, thereby rem inc become dec. Cont cable patt consistently and always rep patt rep. After last sleeve row co sts.
Finishing: Block pieces, dampen and allow to dry. From cast on resp cast off edges of sleeves pick up 49 sts each with needles size 10,5. For border work half fisherman’s rib patt, thereby start with 1 WS row. When each border measures 6 cm = 13 rows co sts as they appear. Now join side sleeve seams. Now pick up 95 sts with circular knitting needle from lower edge of jacket. Knit on border like for sleeves but co sts as they appear when border measures 7 cm = 15 rows. For front bands with neckline bands cast on 10 sts with needles size 10,5. Work garter st. For 1. buttonhole co 2 center sts at 37 cm = 80 rows from beg, in foll row cast 2 sts back on again. Work 2. buttonhole likewise spaced 15 cm apart = after 32 rows. After 66,5 cm = 144 rows from beg place 1 marker for beg of neckline. After another 40 cm = 86 rows from marker mark end of neckline. Then work another 66,5 cm = 144 rows for 2. front band and co sts. Sew on bands acc markers, thereby make sure that buttonholes are placed across right front piece. Sew on buttons.