Filati Handknitting 24, model 24/25
Mega Stoppino Cardigan
size 38/40


alt = alternately, ch = chain, col = colour, cont = continue, dc = double crochet, dec = decrease, dtr = double treble, foll = following, gst = garter stitch, htr = half treble, inc = increase, K = knit, mt = meterage, P = purl, patt = pattern, patt g (MS) = pattern group, psso = pass slipped st(s) over, rem = remaining, rep = repeat, rev stst = reversed stocking stitch, P 1 row, K 1 row, Rs = right side, slst = slip stitch, st(s) = stitch(es), stst = stocking stitch, K 1 row, P 1 row, tbl = through back of loop, tog = together, tr = treble, Ws = wrong side, Wwm = when work measures, yo = yarn over needle

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Materials: Lana Grossa quality "Mega Stoppino" (65% wool, 35% acryl, mt = 90 m/50 g) 500 g mottled gray (col 201). One pair size 6 mm needles, one size 6 mm circular needle, one size 5 mm crochet hook and 5 buttons (from Union Knopf).
Stockinette stitch: K on right side, P on wrong side.
Border pattern: work foll chart. The border is joined crosswise to front edges.
Gauge: stockinette stitch: 16 sts and 22 rows to 10 cm or 4" square.
Left front: cast on 23 sts and cont in stockinette stitch. When work measures 32 cm or 12 1/2" from beginning bind off at left edge for V-shaping 1 st on every alt row 12 times and 1 st on every 4th row 5 times. When work measures 52 cm or 20 1/2" bind off rem 6 sts.
Right front: work in reverse to left front.
Back: cast on 72 sts and cont in stockinette stitch. When work measures 49 cm or 19 1/4" from beginning bind off for neck the 12 center sts and cont for each side separately. At neck edge cast off on every alt row 3 sts once and 1 st twice. When work measures 52 cm or 20 1/2" bind off rem 25 shoulder sts.
Sleeves: cast on 44 sts and cont in stockinette stitch. For sleeve shaping inc 1 st at each end on every 12th row 6 times, then 1 st on every 8th row 3 times, 1 st on every 4th row twice and 1 st on 2nd foll row = 68 sts. When work measures 52 cm or 20 1/2" bind off rem sts.
Finishing: along front edges pick up with circular needle 82 sts each and cont in border pattern foll chart, start after edge st with sts before patt g, work patt g 8 times, end with sts after patt g and edge st. On first 2 right side rows inc 36 sts as given in chart, dec these sts again on rows 25 and 26. After 26th row bind off all sts purlwise on right side. Join shoulder seams, attaching short edges of borders to back, join side and sleeve seam, sew sleeves in position. Along all edges (= lower edge of cardigan, neck edge, sleeve edges) crochet 1 row crab sts (= sc from left to right). On right front work 5 loops along straight edge evenly across (= ch), sew on buttons.