Filati Journal 43, Design 41
BOLERO • Paradiso
Size 36-40 (10 - 14)

alt = alternately, ch = chain, col = colour, cont = continue, dc = double crochet, dec = decrease, dtr = double treble, foll = following, gst = garter stitch, htr = half treble, inc = increase, K = knit, mt = meterage, P = purl, patt = pattern, patt g (MS) = pattern group, psso = pass slipped st(s) over, rem = remaining, rep = repeat, rev stst = reversed stocking stitch, P 1 row, K 1 row, Rs = right side, slst = slip stitch, st(s) = stitch(es), stst = stocking stitch, K 1 row, P 1 row, tbl = through back of loop, tog = together, tr = treble, Ws = wrong side, Wwm = when work measures, yo = yarn over needle, Ärmel = sleeves, Vorder- und Rückenteil = front and back

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Lana Grossa Paradiso (100% cotton, L = approx. 65 m/50 g): approx. 250 g turquoise (Col. 4); knitting needles No. 7 and 8, round knitting needles No. 7 and 8, 120 cm long, 1 round knitting needle No. 7, 60 cm long.
K2, P2 , repeat to end.
Net pattern:
Knit according to the knitting chart. The numbers on the edge are the right-side [RS] rows. In the wrong-side [WS] rows P stitches and yarn over needle loop. K the edge stitch on RS, and P on WS. Start pattern over 4 sts. The arrows indicate the centre of the back. In every 3rd row increase 1 st (yarn over needle) at both sides, then from the 5th row increase 2 sts (yarn over needle) in every 2nd row. This gives the triangular form. Knit rows 1 – 22 1x, then repeat the last 4 rows, continuing in the pattern at edge as before.
9 sts and 14 rows net pattern with No. 8 needles = 10 x 10 cm.
Starting at the upper edge, cast on 4 sts with No. 8 needles. Work in the net pattern. With inc. no. of sts, continue with a round needle No. 8. After 66 cm = 92 rows from cast-on – measured from the centre – cast off all 182 sts loosely. The cast-on edge and the beginning of the side edges form the long side of the triangle. The cast-off edge forms the diagonal sides.
Gently stretch and dampen the piece and let it dry. Now fold down the upper corner of the triangle in the direction of the arrow = curved arrow in the diagram, that it is 26 cm over the diagonal sides. Then sew the corners - these are then the small sleeves. using the short round needle No. 7 pick up 72 sts at the sleeve edge and work rib pattern in rounds. After 3 cm = 7 rounds cast off sts as they appear. With the long round needle No. 7 pick up 240 sts over the entire open edge (picking up 2 sts from each cast-off st – at the upper edge = pick up less sts so that the edge form is maintained), starting in back centre. Knit rib pattern in rounds for the trim, making sure that 2 K sts are in the centre. In every 2nd round inc. 1 st (acc. to pattern - knitting through the back of the loop) before and after the 2 centre sts at the triangle point. After 3 cm = 7 rounds cast off all stitches loosely as they appear.