Filati Handknitting 37, Model 14
Short jacket
Size 36/38 (40/42) - US size 10/12 (14/16)

Figures in brackets () refer to size 44/46 (US size 18/20). Where only one figure is given, this refers to all sizes.


alt = alternately, ch = chain, col = colour, cont = continue, dc = double crochet, dec = decrease, dtr = double treble, foll = following, gst = garter stitch, htr = half treble, inc = increase, K = knit, mt = meterage, P = purl, patt = pattern, patt g (MS) = pattern group, psso = pass slipped st(s) over, rem = remaining, rep = repeat, rev stst = reversed stocking stitch, P 1 row, K 1 row, Rs = right side, slst = slip stitch, st(s) = stitch(es), stst = stocking stitch, K 1 row, P 1 row, tbl = through back of loop, tog = together, tr = treble, Ws = wrong side, Wwm = when work measures, yo = yarn over needle

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Materials: Lana Grossa "Puntino" (100% cotton, combed, gassed, mercerized, running length = approx 175/50 g): approx 200 (250) g purple (col 18); 1 crochet hook size E-4, knitting needles size 2/3; 2 buttons by Union Knopf, art. 48603, 21 mm Ø, col purple/multicol with patt.
Star pattern:

Work acc crochet chart on page 35 in rows back and forth. Figures on both sides indicate rows. Work 1. dc into 3. chain st from needle. Change to next row with 2 turning chains, these chains do not count as sts. Exact sequence of patt is indicated in foll instruction, always rep patt rep = 12 sts between arrow a and b. Vertically crochet 1x 1. – 11. row, then always rep 2. – 11. row.

Decrease of more than one st: Skip acc no of sts with knit sts at beg of row, at end of row leave acc no of sts unworked.
Stockinette stitch:

RS rows = K, WS rows = P.

Accented cast off:  Right edge: Selv st, K1, k2tog. Left edge: sl1 kwise, work foll st K, psso, K1, selv st.

23 sts and 10 rows star patt with needles size 4 = 10 x 10 cm (4" x 4"); 24 sts and 32 rows stst with needles size 2/3 = 10 x 10 cm (4" x 4").

Back: Cast on 101 (111) chain sts + 2 turning chains with needle size E-4. Crochet star patt, thereby start row from arrow c (d) onwards after turning chains, crochet up to arrow a, work patt rep 7x, end row at arrow e (f). After 21 cm = 21 rows from beg co 7 sts on both sides for armholes, then co 2x 3 sts and 1(2)x 2 sts in foll row = 71 (77) sts. Work dec as indicated. When armholes measure 16 (17) cm = 16 (17) rows leave 53 center sts unworked for neckline and crochet both sides separately. Work another 3 sts each across rem 9 (12) shoulder sts on both sides. Then finish piece. 
Left front:Cast on 53 (58) chain sts + 2 turning chains with needle size E-4. Crochet star patt, thereby start row on right edge after turning chain at arrow c (d), crochet up to arrow a, work patt rep 3x, end at arrow e for both sizes. Work armhole on right edge at same height as back = 38 (41) sts. When armhole measures 9 (10) cm = 9 (10) rows leave 9 sts unworked on left edge for neckline, then co 1x 4 sts and 8x 2 sts each in every row as indicated. Finish piece with 9 (12) shoulder sts at same height as back.
Right front:Crochet in reverse to left front, to do so work patt as foll: for both sides start rows on right edge at arrow c after turning chains, crochet up to arrow a, work patt rep 3x, end at arrow e (f).

Cast on 64 (70) sts with needles size 2/3. Work in stst. For slants inc 1 st on each side in 5. row from beg, then inc another 3x 1 st each in every 4. row and in every 2. row inc another 6x 1 st each = 84 (90) sts. After 10 cm = 32 rows from beg co 4 sts on both sides for sleeve head, then in every 2. row co another 2x 2 sts each, 17(19)x 1 st each and work acc co, 1x 2 sts and 1x 4 sts. In foll row co rem 22 (24) sts in one go.


Block pieces, dampen and allow to dry. Join seams. Crochet 1 row of sc across edge of neckline first. Then crochet 1 rnd of crab sts = sc worked from left to right across all edges of jacket - without sleeves. Sew in sleeves. Sew buttons spaced 2 and 7 cm apart from neckline edge to left front, button up through dc row of front.