Filati Handknitting 26, model 26/43
New Cotton Lino Waistcoat, size S


alt = alternately, ch = chain, col = colour, cont = continue, dc = double crochet, dec = decrease, dtr = double treble, foll = following, gst = garter stitch, htr = half treble, inc = increase, K = knit, mt = meterage, P = purl, patt = pattern, patt g (MS) = pattern group, psso = pass slipped st(s) over, rem = remaining, rep = repeat, rev stst = reversed stocking stitch, P 1 row, K 1 row, Rs = right side, slst = slip stitch, st(s) = stitch(es), stst = stocking stitch, K 1 row, P 1 row, tbl = through back of loop, tog = together, tr = treble, Ws = wrong side, Wwm = when work measures, yo = yarn over needle

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Materials: Lana Grossa quality "New Cotton Lino" (50% cotton, 20% linen, 30% micro-fibers, mt 100 g/50 g); 150 g in turquoise (col 506) and 50 g beige (col 502); one pair 4.5 mm needles, 4 double-pointed needles, size 4.5 mm, one 3.5 mm crochet hook.
Basic pattern: garter stitch (K all rows).
Leaf pattern square: work with double-pointed needles in rounds. Diagram shows 1/4 of square, work every patt g 4 times one after the other. Only every alt round is given. On rounds between K sts and yo´s, change cols. as given.
Gauge: in basic pattern 19 sts and 37 rows to 10 cm or 4" square.
Front: work 2 leaf pattern squares. Cast on 8 sts with double-pointed needles evenly across on needles = 2 sts each needle, join in round. Work foll diagram. Work rounds 17 - 21 and rounds 25 - 27 in beige. After 27th round = 15 ch or 6" square: bind off. For side triangle of left front cast on 23 sts in turquoise and cont in basic pattern. For shaping bind off at left edge 1 st on every alt row 21 times. On foll row cast off last 2 sts. Work right triangle in reverse. For left strap resp. side top front cast on 2 sts and cont in basic pattern. For shaping inc at left edge 1 st on every alt row 21 times. When work measures 10 cm or 4" bind off for armhole at right edge on every alt row 2 sts twice and 1 st 6 times, then 1 st on every 4th row 5 times. When work measures 28 cm or 11" bind off rem 8 sts. Work right piece in reverse.
Back: cast on 86 sts and cont in basic pattern. When work measures 21 cm or 8 1/4" bind off for armholes at each end 2 sts on every alt row twice, then on every 4th row 1 st 6 times and 1 st on every 4th row 5 times. When work measures 22 cm or 8 5/8" bind off for neck the 20 center sts. At neck at bind off on every alt row 3 sts once, 2 sts twice and 1 st 3 times. When work measures 39 cm or 15 3/8" bind off rem 8 sts of each strap.
Finishing: join fronts foll diagram. Along neck and armholes crochet 1 round crab sts (= sc from left to right). Along lower edge tie in 4 threads evenly across, 2 each in turquoise + 2 beige, 20 cm or 8" long.