Believe it or not, we’re hardly into summer and already the first autumn trends are here! In Classici 02/12 LANA GROSSA shows you the first "season upgrade" knits, the loveliest must-haves for the new season and the “in-between times” in fine classic yarns. The trends range from funky colourful to new interpretations of vintage looks. The men’s fashion concentrates on classical knit designs and individual basics that show you how to conjure up eight models from four styles. For cashmere fans there are also stylish key pieces in the luxurious Linea Rossa collection yarns. So all of this plus a few surprises in this Classici edition.


Classici 1 Merino 6 Cotone 5 Merino 5
Cotone 4 Merino 4 Cotone 3 Merino 3
Cotone 2 Merino 2 Cotone 1 Merino1